With a knife and the tip of a sailfish, a man kills a fisherman in Mazatlán; sentence 22 years in jail


The victim of the assault was transferred to a hospital in the port where he died on January 4, 2020.

Culiacán, Sin.- A sentence of 22 years in prison and the payment of 519 thousand 560 pesos was imposed by a Control and Prosecution Judge on Hugo Alonso “N”, for the qualified homicide committed with advantage against a named sea worker José Martín “N”, whom he attacked in the chest and back with the tip of a sailfish.

In the hearing to individualize the sentence and repair the damage that took place on June 23, the acting judge announced the sentence imposed on the murderer of the fisherman from the city of Mazatlán.

The Specialized Public Ministry Agency that carried out the investigation, collected evidence that on December 23, 2019, outside the Casa del Marino in Mazatlán, Martín Alonso “N” was selling freshly caught seafood and fish. .

Hugo Alonso “N” arrived at this place, took a sailfish that the victim had for sale and with the tip of the animal, began to attack the back and chest and then took a knife from under his clothes to continue injuring him.

Neighbors who noticed the facts requested the presence of the police who managed to arrest the defendant.

The victim of the aggression was transferred to a hospital in the port where he died on January 4, 2020, due to the injuries he sustained with the tip of the marine animal and with a knife.

Source: El Universal