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Nothing like fishing in Mazatlan, the best place in the world to do it

MAZATLAN.- Without a doubt, Mazatlan is a special place due to many factors, and one of them is being able to do sport fishing, recreational fishing or to do it to survive; The coasts of the Pacific Ocean are rich in marine life since it includes different types of fish such as swordfish, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, tuna, marlin, among others.  

Deep-sea fishing in the port is one of the most beautiful experiences in the country and in the world, which is why the destination is considered the best place on the planet to carry out fishing since its waters have seven of the nine species reserved for this sporting activity.  

In the waters of Mazatlan, you can find species such as marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, swordfish, bonito, tuna, and shark all year round; likewise, there are bottom species such as snapper, triggerfish, sierra, pufferfish, grouper, sea bass, sole, among others.  

In addition, lovers of this activity can enjoy a day at sea in the warm and crystal clear waters to carry out the activity, which over time has become more popular in many corners of the country.   

About 90 minutes from the beach, the sin of bass is carried out, in El Salto, which is located in the hills of the Sierra Madre, on the site you can enjoy an enviable view for those who see the activity as sport, it is a privilege to visit this place that gives you great moments.  

On the different beaches of Mazatlan you can carry out recreational fishing, or as many do, bring a good banquet to the table of your home.  

Here are the appropriate dates for the types of fishing: 

✓ Swordfish: from January to May 

✓ Striped Marlin: December to May 

✓ Black Marlin: July to November 

✓ Blue Marlin: June to November 

✓ Sailfish, dorado, bonito, yellowfin tuna: all year 

Source: punto.mx

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