Meet ‘Susy’ the new baby sea lion of the Mazatlan Aquarium


“Susy” is the name given to the new baby sea lion of the Mazatlan Aquarium

The name was chosen by Ximena, the girl that won the contest “Name the Baby Sea Lion”

Susy is just a few months old, and she is one of the specimens that was rescued on the beaches of Mazatlan on February 8th, 2020.

Sea lions are intelligent and very friendly animals. The highest concentration of sea lions in Mexico can be found in the Baja California peninsula and the Sea of Cortez.

Susy was found in a state of malnutrition and with some injuries. It is thought that she was lost from her pack. Thanks to the care of the Mazatlán Aquarium staff, today she looks healthy and in excellent conditions.

Sea lions inhabit many regions of the world: in warm, temperate and icy waters, they are also capable of adapting to any temperature and feeding on fish, shellfish and mollusks that inhabit their place of residence.

On Monday, August 10, this recreational center awarded the winning children of the contest. The event that was scheduled to take place for Children’s Day, was rescheduled until today due to the health contingency.

“Susy”, like all the animals that live in the Mazatlan Aquarium, are treated very well, fed with food of excellent quality, and avoiding stress.

Photographs: Karyna Sánchez

Source: Reacción Informativa

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