Mazatlan Alchohol checkpoint catches 16 drunks in the first night of operations


Mazatlan.- In the framework of the New Normal, the Ministry of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic resumed the Alcoholimetry Program this Friday night, with a result of 16 drivers who tested positive and one citizen referred to the Court to find carrying a knife.

At the start of operations, the Breathalyzer Coordinator Oscar Martínez said with the reactivation of the entertainment centers, this preventive program is necessary.

“We are reopening the operation with the New Normal; nightclubs and bars have already been opened; so our preventive responsibility is precisely to safeguard the physical integrity of people, “he told the elements that participated.

For his part, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola, in charge of Dispatch of the SSPyTM, said that the agents will promptly comply with the health measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is the first breathalyzer and all the health measures will be taken, with a suit, use of a mask and antibacterial gel. We bring the thermometer that is going to be putting people likewise liquids for sanitization, and if a person is arrested we will have it aside, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Civil Protection, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, stressed that it is the first breathalyzer that is retaken at the national level within the framework of the New Normal.

“The instructions are clear. Each of us is convinced of what we are doing and that is why we are here. And for that we must be aware of what we are doing and be sure it is a great team that integrates this breathalyzer, the first at the national level. Success to all ”.

During the first day of operation, the agents carried out 37 tests, of which 27 were on men and 10 on women. 16 men tested positive, for which the corresponding economic sanction was applied, although the units were released in the same place, once a relative without alcohol breath took over receiving it.

It should be noted that the driver of a rental transport unit approached the checkpoint, where the agents made the corresponding review and the client who was carrying they found a knife, as well as various tools and a ladder that could not justify their transfer, for which it was referred to the Court.


The Mazatlan Post