Grim Reaper stalks tourists in the Mexican Caribbean


A man dressed as the mythological figure of Death has been patrolling the beaches of Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, urging people follow coronavirus rules and “stay at home.”

Covered from head to toe in a skeleton suit and walking with a large pole made to look like Death’s traditional scythe, the unidentified man has been surprising sunbathers on the beach and at the town’s famous marina boardwalk with his admonitions to take more precautions to avoid spreading the disease.

At times, he sits on a lifeguard chair like a specter surveying the beach. At other times, he advises people on the beach illegally to wear masks, maintain a safe distance, and take other recommended measures, according to local reports.

Photos taken by observers of the costumed do-gooder have been heavily circulated on social media, often with exhortations to take Covid-19 rules seriously.

However, the vigilante’s in-person encounters have not always been so positive, according to some locals. While some thank him for his concern, others ignore or insult him, they said.

A new lifeguard watches over the beach.
A new lifeguard watches over the beach.

The state has recorded 7,971 cases of the coronavirus, according to the federal Ministry of Health. Even though the state has reopened to tourism, it remains at the orange level on the risk level stoplight map, which has kept beaches closed. On Sunday, the state reported 147 new cases of the disease and 18 new deaths.

In June, Puerto Morelos Mayor Laura Fernández Piña had large banners erected at the entrances to beaches informing the public that beaches were closed and that they entered them at their own risk.

Source: MND

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