Locals have reported sewage contamination in Mazatlán’s Urías estuary


Residents of the area stated that they have more than 2 months enduring the fetid smells that come from the Urías estuary (Estero Urías).

Estero Urías (Noroeste)

Children have been reported with stomach infections and skin rashes, due to the focus of infection that lies in that lagoon, especially those who live on the banks.

The families that lived from fishing have been left without sources of income, because due to sewage being dumped the fish have died.

Local resident Sara Jaime urges the municipal president to go to the Colonia and walk the estuary to see if that way he can verify that the situation is serious.

She assured that they have requested an audience to talk with the mayor and reach an agreement so that he can fix this situation.

In a boat trip through the estuary, it was observed that the waters are not treated, since excrement layers can be seen, and unbearable odors can be perceived.

In addition, a tube that came from the dam is totally visible, where the spills came out.

Source: Debate

The Mazatlan Post