Mazatlan Veteran Firefighters have transferred 57 Covid-19 patients from July 1 to 15


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (July 22, 2020) .- With the provision of two exclusive ambulances for service and the support of eight paramedics, the Mazatlan Volunteer Corps of Veteran Firefighters offers care in transfers to hospitals for patients with Covid-19 in the port.

Commander Luis Fernando Leyva Solis expressed that only in the first half of the month of July, 57 transfers were made, a figure that is alarming.

He said that on there have been reports of people fainting on board public transport vehicles, people who had difficulty breathing. Upon arriving at the scene and making the corresponding diagnosis, they realize that they are Covid-19 positive people and that they were unsuccessfully trying to be admitted at the Social Security clinic.

Mazatlan fire Department (Archive)

The protocol that paramedics and firefighters follow to offer this service and avoid being infected is strict, before and after taking care of a patient.

They have to wear white coveralls, “Tyvek” type, surgical boot covers, two layers of latex gloves, KN95 mouth covers, goggles and masks

Upon their return, the paramedics notify the station that they are about to arrive and a disinfection process is carried out in the park area.

Luis Fernando Leyva Solis (Archive)

Leyva Solis pointed out how difficult it is for these types of patients to be received in a hospital and how they and their family members have to suffer the lack of medical attention.


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