Durango sanitary measures have not been properly followed by the population


The prevalence of other health problems in the event that Covid-19 occurs, increases the possibility of complications

The epidemiological conditions of Durango in the Covid-19 pandemic are truly worrisome: the sanitary measures have not been duly attended by the population with shameful records of first places in mobility, with the prevalence of comorbidity -10% of the diabetic adult population, 20% with some degree of obesity and 50% hypertensive-, and this July will be the peak of the pandemic, with exponential growth in cases (ten at the end of March; 80 at the end of April; 500 at the end of May and close to 2,000 in June).

This is how the current scenario of the health emergency that Durango lives, the director of the Institute of Scientific Research (IIC) of the Juárez University of the State of Durango (UJED), doctor Yolanda Martínez López, after pointing out that “the situation is not rosy, It is still a bad appreciation on the part of the population to compare with other states and that we are in the last places of cases and it is a bad reading ”.

“There are fewer cases but the population size is less than in the rest of the country, on the other hand, when translating the number of cases per inhabitant, the situation is different,” he warned.

He recapitulated that, in general terms, at the end of March we had ten sick people, at the end of April 80, at the end of May 500, and now, at the end of June, we reach almost 2,000. “This gives an idea of ​​how fast the disease is spreading,” he said.

Dr. Martínez López explained that the sanitary measures have not been duly addressed and indicated that there are areas of higher concentration of cases such as the municipality of Durango and the region of La Laguna. “Seen from the national level, we are at the bottom of the list but this does not mean that our situation is favorable,” he reinforced.

And added the director of the IIC-UJED that the prevalence of other health problems in the event that Covid-19 occurs, increases the possibility of complications since hypertension, diabetes, and obesity that are present before becoming ill have been identified by Covid-19 and that explains the severe complications.

“These prevalences in Durango are very high. 10% of the adult population is diabetic, approximately 20% have a degree of obesity and 50% of adults are hypertensive and not all of them know it and are not under treatment. All these conditions make the picture even worse and to this, we add that the measures recommended by the health authorities are not followed, that makes a fatal combination, “warned the researcher.

To this, he added, in addition to the worrisome situation of health personnel, where a significant number of workers in the health sector had to withdraw because they presented risk factors and others unfortunately have been infected and there are cases that unfortunately have died.

Dr. Martínez López pointed out that when people do not see the problem near them they believe that it does not exist, “it is a very comfortable way of explaining reality, if I do not see it it does not exist. The serious problem is that some of them may be asymptomatic and are in the process of spreading the epidemic. This should not exempt them from social and individual responsibility, from caring for themselves and caring for those who are close, when they see a serious case in the family they will feel bad because they will realize that it could have been motivated by the behavior of those who irresponsibly believed that it was not true ”.

Finally, he confirmed: “The reality is before us, we have to be aware of what is happening and we will probably reach the peak of the pandemic in this July. The most worrying regions are the municipality of Durango and the lagoon region ”.

Source: elsoldedurango.com.mx

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