Mazatlan’s Real Pacifico canal is a “headache” for neighbors


Mazatlan.- A call to the municipal authorities made residents of the Real Pacífico neighborhood, as they fear severe problems in their settlement with a contiguous canal full of undergrowth and in precarious conditions, more now that the rainy season has arrived.

Neighbors warned that this channel, located between Del Mar and Costa Pacifico streets, is used to dump wastewater, as well as to dump all kinds of waste, including organic, which causes foul smells.

“For a long time we have been asking the municipal government APP to attend to this call, because we are already in the rainy season and the canal is full of weeds and dirty water, this is pure contamination that affects us inhabitants, but mainly the children, in addition to the fact that there could be problems with the flow of rainwater and affect the houses ”.

One of the interviewees said that at the end of the channel there is a quarry, which has stagnant waters that cause a strong rotten smell.

“The quarry at the end of the channel as it does not have enough capacity, drain the sewage into the channel through the sewers and it is a very strong pestilence, it happens more frequently with the rains, therefore the channel is all dirty and begins to grow a lot weeds, dirty water stagnates and a very ugly plague comes out ”.

The residents of this place call the pertinent authorities to go to the site and verify the conditions of said channel, and help to make it free of weeds and garbage.


The Mazatlan Post