Sinaloa governor says “No” to re-imposing of dry law


Dry Law Sinaloa: After the mayor of Culiacán requested the imposition of the prohibition on the sale of beer and alcoholic beverages, the government of Sinaloa said that there will be no Dry Law

Sinaloa .- The Government of Sinaloa will not suspend the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in the entity, said the director of Inspection and Regulations, Octavio Ruiz Fonseca, who asked not to pay attention to false information to the contrary.

Confío en que serán responsables', dice gobernador Quirino Ordaz ...
Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel

On whether the lifting of the so-called ‘Dry Law’ could be linked to the spike in Covid infections, the official explained that this is not the case, but rather to factors of social mobility, explaining that the measure was good and timely at the time, in April, but other things were also seen, such as the fact that consumers were looking for ‘illegal sales’ or went to neighboring states.

Levantan Ley Seca en Nayarit y Sinaloa

” Where were the people going? To the clandestine locations, it was much more expensive, people did not stop consuming alcohol, that is a reality and you do not have to cover the sun with a finger, but also neighboring states such as Nayarit and Sonora, as in the whole country, are sold alcohol; It was a strictly local measure that at the time helped somewhat, but we also saw that it had other effects, ”said Octavio Ruiz Fonseca.

He announced that by instructions from Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, prevention, awareness, commitment, and precisely with companies will be strengthened so that they continue to protect their staff and clients by adhering to the health protocols that the Ministry of Health has dictated. .


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