With no hotels to stay, relatives of the sick sleep outside the General Hospital of Mazatlan


For days they wait for news about their hospitalized patients, many of them for Covid-19; most come from rural areas and have nowhere to stay due to lack of shelter

MAZATLAN.- Here you seldom know what you are going to eat, you sleep on the floor, the heat is suppressed with hand fans, entertainment is talking to someone or playing on the phone as long as you have a battery, and time goes by waiting for news, news that it seems, takes half a life to arrive.

This is how the days pass by for relatives of patients at the General Hospital of Mazatlan, all of them residents of the rural areas, who, in the absence of a place to stay and many other times due to lack of financial resources to move or pay rent, spend days at the doors of the building.

Many of these people have relatives with Covid-19 who are admitted to the General Hospital of Mazatlan.

In the old building of the General Hospital of Mazatlán, in Colonia Santa Elena, there was a hostel, in this new one, there is nothing.

“Lying on the floor or in chairs, it’s like we spend the nights,” says Estela Enciso, originally from the town of Siqueros, who has a 29-year-old son who was injured on the road, and whose health is delicate.

“He who has food eats. And the one who don’t, don’t eat, every day some come to give donations, they come to give us water, tortas ”.

-Who are the people coming to donate and bring your food?

“I don’t know, we don’t know them. They are young people. ”

The administration of the Mazatlán General Hospital set up tents for some of them to at least take shelter from the sun. They also have access to bathrooms, the others without a tent are out of luck.

Tents, mats, inflatable mattresses, chairs, and basic hygiene items are the daily images at the entrance of the building where children, husbands, wives, and brothers fight with death.

“If they let us in, that is not the problem, they treat us well. The problem is that we cannot stay to sleep inside, and since there are no hotels open, we have to stay here, the ranch is very far away, ”said a neighbor from the town of Siqueros.

Some sleep in their cars; others in hammocks in the trees along the street

The opportunity perceived by the street vendors who bring their products to them, fast food, or snacks if only to deceive their hunger.

-How was the night?

“Well, between the heat, the flies, the noise, and the worry, you can’t even sleep,” she replies.

The wait only ends when the family member is discharged.

If you can help with donations of food and drinks the New Mazatlan General Hospital Location is below

Source: noroeste.com.mx

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