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Hoteliers say tourism recovery in Mazatlán could take years

Hoteliers demand from the authority soft credits, fiscal incentives, and special regulations for vacation rentals.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (June 16, 2020).- Hotel businessmen in a meeting with federal representatives, Tourism Federal Secretary Miguel Torruco, and Tourism State Secretary, Óscar Pérez Barros, demand support to promote the destination, which they assure, will take years to recover.

“We demand soft loans, with an interest of 5 percent; also, fiscal stimuli,” highlighted José Ramón Manguart on behalf of the members of the Mazatlán Hotel and Motel Association.

The presence of representatives and tourism authorities was used to reiterate the request that vacation rentals be regulated.

“This activity is unfair competition to the hotel sector. And during the pandemic, these businesses have continued to operate without the proper sanitary measures”, José Ramón Manguart said.

During his participation, Manguart stressed that it will take years for the situation to recover, which is why they reiterate the need for support to continue when they are able to reopen.

The businessman explained that in the 2001 crisis, it took 13 years to recover national tourism activity for this destination, and four years for international passengers. For the total recovery, 16 years had to pass by.

While in the 2008 crisis it took seven years for the recovery of national visitors and work continues to be done up to this date to recover in terms of international tourism.

He added that in 2001, GDP fell to 0.4 percent, while in 2008, the drop was 5.3 percent. This year, an estimated GDP drop of 7 to 8 percent is expected. This worries the sector and requires support to get ahead.

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