Parties and gatherings across Acapulco dispersed by authorities over 700 asked to go home


They disperse over 700 people gathered in closed establishments and public roads.

Acapulco, Gro., May 24, 2020.- As part of the deployed operating by the Government of Acapulco to avoid crowds during the most critical stage of infection by COVID-19, this weekend dispersed  713 people who found themselves gathered at parties, convenience stores, and even on public roads.

According to the report of the municipal Civil Protection Coordination, 400 people who were celebrating a XV-year-old party in the town of Las Plazuelas were withdrawn; jointly with elements of the Navy, National Guard, Public Security, State Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the directions of Regulations and Shows and Public Roads, they were exhorted to take a healthy distance and stay at home.

While, in the town of Cayaco, 200 people gathered at a wedding were also dispersed, 11 more people who were at a birthday party, two others who consumed alcoholic beverages at the seafood restaurant “Los Morritos, and 13 people from this same town. who celebrated at a children’s party.

In the town of El Arenal, 8 individuals who also consumed intoxicating drinks outside the miscellany with the name “Chatito” were dispersed, as well as 30 people crowded into a funeral.

In addition to these operations, they also intervened in the dispersal of 32 people called to a party in the Roca Sola street of the Condesa subdivision; 11 people in the “Casa Pampa” in the Las Brisas subdivision, Guitarrón; In the same subdivision in the “Casa Elsa” to 6 other individuals, who were asked to keep a healthy distance.

The Municipal Government reinforces the operations to decrease the number of COVID-19 infections and urges the population to follow the recommendations to keep a healthy distance, avoid crowds and stay at home.

May 24th 2020


The Mazatlan Post