On Saturday, 273 people were removed from Mazatlan closed beaches


Mazatlan beaches are still closed

Mazatlán.- The commander of the municipal Aquatic Salvage Squadron, Gonzalo Magallanes Romero, reiterated that the beaches of Mazatlán are kept closed to the general public, due to the Covid-19 coronavirus health contingency.

He mentioned that with the lifting of the “dry law”, days ago, the number of people who reached the beach area increased, but life-saving agents urged them to go home.

This Saturday 273 people were evicted from the beach areas.

Thus, it has already accumulated 6,334 people who have been withdrawn since the closure of beaches on April 3.

“He has been quite moved. We have been insisting on closing the beaches and withdrawing the people who come. The situation is complicated for us with intoxicating drinks. When the dry law is lifted, people think that this is a reason to come to the beach, that everything is clear, and no. We follow the same instructions to keep the beaches free of both walkers and bathers. People are sneaking through where it was not circulating before, ”said Magallanes Romero during a tour this Sunday.

He pointed out that beach surveillance was reinforced with personnel from Capta, the Beach Operator and the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit in general.

Source: pmxportal.com

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