Video: They got up at dawn to stand in line and buy beer in Sinaloa


A man coughed and coughed in line without any protection, and they did not even disperse; the row spanned over two blocks

Guasave, Sin.- Strong is the level of consumption of alcoholic beverages in the municipality of Guasave that this Thursday alerted by the sale in a store they got up early to queue.

From 7:00 a.m., long before the opening, people were standing in line, on foot or in cars, waiting for their space to acquire the amber liquid in an establishment located by the central boulevard between Teófilo Noris and Obregón in Colonia Centro.

“The queue goes on and on, it is around the Teófilo Noris where it is and it arrives at the Obregón, look at the queue until it reaches Education, it is a long block, the Police arrived and it was closed by the” shady “me I believe. From 7:00 in the morning queuing, he became a comedian ”, commented some people admired by the show.

And they assure that in the row there was a gray-bearded man who did not stop coughing, did not carry mouth covers or keep his distance from the rest of the clients but none of them flinched or left the line.

It was shortly before 11:30 am that elements of municipal transit and the Public Security Directorate arrived to close the establishment, but even so the line was not deterred, consumers remained there waiting in the hope that when the authority withdrew they might begin to sell again


The Mazatlan Post