30% of school children cannot take classes during quarantine in Mazatlan


MAZATLÁN SINALOA.- 30 percent of primary school children in Mazatlán do not take classes during this quarantine simply because they do not have a computer or Internet at home, in addition to the fact that many parents have lost their jobs, said the director of the Elementary School “General Aguilar Barraza”, Professor Selene Ovalle.

Before the teacher Fernando Pucheta Sánchez, president of the “Pucheta, Una Mano Amiga” Association, in the weekly transmission made by the former Mayor through his Facebook page to publicize the situation that prevails in the port with respect to the pandemic of the Covid-19 and its economic and health consequences that it has generated, Professor Ovalle indicated that teachers try to communicate with parents to motivate them so that children are not left without learning, at least reviewing their free textbooks.

In fact, she mentioned that during this school year no one will fail.

She also stated that schools are currently not ready to receive children, as there was talk that they would tentatively start classes on June 1, which she ruled out in her opinion.

During the broadcast and in a subsequent interview, the director, who is responsible for the education of approximately 800 children, explained that they would have to completely sanitize the school, clean classrooms, desks, take measures with the children, wear face masks and a series of actions for which, they are not yet prepared.

However, Ovalle said that in the case of public schools, they will have to ask for the voluntary support of parents to help them avoid the risks of health when attending their classes.

For his part, Fernando Pucheta recognized the work of teachers who have had to experience an unprecedented situation in the world, especially in something as important as the education of children.

Source: pmxportal.com

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