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Mazatlan North Beach fishermen seek to avoid crowds during birdfish harvest

To prevent a large crowd of people buying birdfish, producers organize and call the authority to intervene and thereby avoid sanctions

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Facing the next season of catches of birdfish, which has already been seen in the bay of Mazatlán, the fishermen of Playa Norte organize a strategy to avoid crowding of people in the area and with it the authorities execute sanctions for not respecting the healthy distance.

David Ramírez Jiménez, president of the Cooperative Society ‘Punta Tiburon’ in Playa Norte expressed that they understand the need to address the recommendations of the Ministry of Health to avoid the contagion with coronavirus and in order to become infected or be a point of contagion, they will seek to limit access when purchasing the product.

“Everyone knows that the bird is fever, people get excited because there is nothing else every year there is and because it is a product that is not expensive, so we are trying to organize ourselves so that people go down little by little” .

The fishing leader mentioned that the bird is a highly demanded product since only a short period in the year can be caught, which causes consumers to fill the area in the search to acquire it, which is why they seek to implement a special operation to that only one person go down by boat to stock up with a bird.

Ramírez Jiménez indicated that it is starting next week when they expect the catch of the species to rebound, likewise, they hope to receive some support from the municipal authority to control people, especially so that they do not implement sanctions or limit fishing. Because dozens of families live on that.

“So that what happens every year that surrounds a single panga as if it were a swarm does not happen, and now there are measures, we must take the necessary measures so that people are not going to infect them and they are going to infect us U.S. too”.

The fisherman said that they seek to avoid an indication such as that made for the pastry or pizza sector by the flow of people on April 30, as well as to prevent themselves from being infected with the disease. 

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