Playa Norte fishermen report ‘slow’ lobster sale in Mazatlan


The volumes show a considerable decrease of 70%, said Lourdes Zamora González, representative of the Rafael Buelna Tenorio Cooperative

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After four months of a closed season, the lobster catching season has begun since last November, which started with good volumes during the first two days, however, lar’s conditions have led to a decline in the fishing, said María de Lourdes Zamora González.

The president of the Rafael Buelna Tenorio Cooperative said that for fishermen of fifteen vessels belonging to the association to report good catches, there must be some swell, since being the crystalline water the product is hidden, which is why the production low.

“Yes there was a lot of production but it has already dropped to seventy percent, by sea, the water becomes transparent, there has to be a bit of storm surge to get it back out, right now there are no sales, right now you have to save the lobster already that there are sales starts to take off. ”

Zamora González said that Mazatlecos are the main consumer of lobster, and although sales are low these days, they estimate a considerable rebound since the first days of December when benefits and family members begin arriving for the holiday season.

He commented that although there in Playa Norte, the sale of the product is fresh from the sea, due to the low sale, it takes a lot to freeze to offer it when demand increases without this decreasing the quality of the lobster, he said.

Source: linea directa

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