Mazatlan: Fishermen of Playa Norte ask for support


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Playa Norte fishermen consider their situation to be critical due to the fall in sales and generate a feeling of abandonment on the part of the authorities. 

After the remodeling of the Malecon, the sales of marine products extracted by local fishermen located in Playa Norte have been affected. 

Pretend that our hands were cut, commented a fisherman when referring to the works that were carried out on the boardwalk, since consumers did not come to do their shopping. 

He said that more people have already come but after the low sales, his economic situation worsened, as he had to start looking for loans and pawn goods to survive during the period of remodeling. 

The affected ones ask for some type of economic aid on the part of the new administration to recover from the fall of the sales. They also assured that the National System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) provides them with food but that is insufficient, since they are delivered over very long periods, and not all fishermen receive them. 

To this is added that the production is very low and fears that this holiday cannot meet the demand for marine products.  

Missing remodels 

The fishermen also expressed their dissatisfaction since they need not only financial help from the authorities but also to remodel the place where they make their sales.