VIDEO: Sinaloa Cartel warned that whoever does not respect the Quarantine “will be punished”


“We are not playing”: the warning of the children of El Chapo to respect the curfew imposed in Culiacán

The sons of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, known as “Los Chapitos”, imposed a “curfew” on the inhabitants of the city of Culiacán, in the state of Sinaloa, due to the coronavirus contingency and threatened to “sanction Those who do not comply with the measure.

Through various videos circulating on social networks, the men of Iván Archivaldo Guzmán and Jesús Alfredowalk the streets of Culiacán aboard vehicles and heavily armed, to supervise that people remain in their homes.

The subjects warned that whoever does not comply with the curfew will be liable to punishments such as a beating with 2 x 4, as well as the payment of “fines”.

“They are informed that after ten o’clock at night they have to be inside their houses due to the coronavirus, otherwise they will grab them and we will board them, they are orders from above from ‘Los Chapitos. It is not a game, we are not playing ‘” warns the voice of a man in one of the videos.

Los Chapitos impose curfew in Culiacan because of Covid-19

In another recording it is noted that “person who does no business being on the streets or a job they need to go the patrol will take him and beat him for two days and he must also pay a fine,” added the alleged member. of the Sinaloa Cartel, while detailing that only person who go back to their homes after their workday will be allowed to circulate in the streets.

In different towns such as El Dorado, residents pointed out that those who disobey the order are captured. “They were taken to the hideout they have in the Ponce beaches nature reserve in Eldorado,” said a man consulted by Reforma.

“And it is that once the Navy appreciated, even the nightmares disappeared, that is, the National Guard, whatever, but with the Navy, they do have many conflicts,” he said.

Villagers pointed out that the hitmen of the Sinaloa Cartel also maintain the clandestine distribution of alcohol, despite the fact that in Sinaloa “Dry Law” was enacted in the face of the health emergency.

Currently, there is a dispute between the different factions of the Cartel, mainly those of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada and that of “Los Chapitos”.

The Mayo Zamabada is the main one in the Sinaloa Cartel

Ismael Zambada Niebla is around 70 years old, most of them dedicated to illegal drug trafficking without ever having set foot in a prison.

With more than 50 years in business, “El Mayo” managed to develop a varied infrastructure to traffic its merchandise by air, sea, and land.

For the true leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, the most common move to circumvent the security of US customs was through cargo vehicles that carried drugs hidden in their secret compartments in a legal product such as butter and chili cans.

Coca, for example, was imported from Colombia and required special logistics that must pass it through Central America, reach the southern border of Mexico, and from there travel the entire country to Sinaloa or Sonora, where it is pocketed to be crossed to the United States. United.

The migrants were used as loaders (mules) for bags of up to 20 kilograms of marijuana.

El Mayo and two of his children: Vicente “Vicentillo” (prisoner in the USA) and Serafín.

Once in Arizona, the merchandise was stored in special houses in Tucson or Phoenix, owned by American citizens who appear to lead normal lives.

According to the journalist Anabel Hernández, “El Mayo” Zambada has contracts with the Mexican government, which although they were signed in the six-year term of Enrique Peña Nieto, are still in force in the Andrés Manuel López Obrador administration.

“The contracts of” El Mayo “Zambada are still in force in this government, they were signed, I must say, in the previous six-year term, but they are multi-year contracts. According to the information that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador gave me, the contracts continue current until November, the government continues to pay “El Mayo”, he said in an interview for Infobae Mexico.

“The airstrips that it has in concession, which was given by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation in the last six-year term, are still in force in this six-year term, that is, if you ask me if its power (of the Sinaloa Cartel) continues, there all these benefits are in force, working to this day. “El Mayo” Zambada makes money through contracts with the government, “Hernández explained.

Source: adn40, infobae

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