Tourist guides demonstrate before the Ministry of Tourism to recognize their work


There were 10 tourism service providers who demonstrated through the peaceful way to have their work recognized in the midst of the health contingency

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- This Friday a group of 10 people belonging to the Association of Tourist Guides of Sinaloa, demonstrated by the peaceful route on Avenida del Mar, in front of the building of the Tourism Secretariat of the Government of Sinaloa, to let society know that, like the other sectors, they are being severely hit by the health contingency derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.

17 04 tourist guide demonstrate covid19

Martin Aviña Sánchez, general secretary of said organization, stressed that the tourism sector and airlines are also the most affected by this crisis, which has already hit rock bottom in their particular case as a group.

“In this sense, we are making society known so that they see that we are the ambassadors of tourism, of all the people who come to know and fall in love with our state, with our city,” he said.

For his part, Milton Blanco, president of the association, claimed that his work has not been recognized by the authorities or by society.

17 04 tourist guide demonstrate covid19

“Our demonstration is peaceful, we do not ask for recourse, we are not asking for handouts from the Government, we are here just to be recognized by the tourist guide guild by society and by the authorities,” he concluded.


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