40 teachers fired from the State High School System of Baja California for “romancing” students


Romantic relationships and love affairs between students and teachers in the Baja California State High School System have been revealed .

An official investigations has been going on since the end of last year, the subject is the “romances and affairs” between students and teachers, which has resulted in the decision to fire 20 teachers and directors out of 40 Baja California schools of the public education system, according to Iván López Báez, General Director of this system (COBACH is the name in Spanish).

Teachers were fired but the directors too, he said, because they should have been more vigilant of the teachers behavior, and they are also accountable for the problem, there will be Zero Tolerance in this matter, the situation is serious here, but there are also other alleged illegal matters, such as a series of lotteries and “raffles”, where teachers sell tickets and the prizes are never delivered, it is just a “glorified hold up”.

In the Florido COBACH Campus, the principal allowed a Miss Cobach pageant, in one of the “stages” young female students walked thru the runway wearing almost no clothes, in another campus the principal charged 10 pesos for allowing students to wear jeans and informal clothes on Fridays, all this ends now, said Lopez Baez.

The parents send their children to the CVOBACH system schools because they trust the authorities and teachers and they expect to get quality education for them, but this cannot be tolerated, teachers and campus directors mustn’t permit this to happen, there are several files that have been opened, such as the case of a young female student, a freshman, who had started a relationship with one of her teachers, he has been laid off and there is a judicial investigation going on in this and other cases, some people might end up facing trial and (most likely) “doing time” in jail.   

Source: The Baja Post

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