The boy who was reportedly kidnapped in Mazatlan was found walking in Pradera Dorada neighborhood


MAZATLÁN.- The dawn of Wednesday was found by municipal police the young man Kevin “N”, who was said to have been deprived of his freedom by strangers in a Windstar unit, in the Juarez neighborhood.

He was found in the early morning hours in the company of a 17-year-old girl in Pradera Dorada.

Unofficial sources report that both were walking along Monte Ribereño Avenue when municipal policemen on a patrol saw them and approached them.

That was how they were secured and made available to the Juvenile Procurator’s Office.


We are pleased to share the news that the child, who was reported missing on Tuesday morning, was already located safe and sound and his case is under investigation.

It has been published in various media that the child is under the protection of DIF Mazatlan, we inform you that it is NOT so, the child is safe under the protection of the corresponding authorities.

We request respect and empathy for the situation surrounding the child and not to spread false information.

Source: pmxportal

The Mazatlan Post