Video: Incredible Durango One Day Tours of Parque La Piramide


Incredible day tours of Parque La Pirámide in the State of Durango. Environmental conservation and nature tourism project with the Ejido de Chavarria Viejo, is located in the Majestic Sierra Madre Occidental, right between Durango and Mazatlan, Mexico., It consists of 220 hectares for family, schools, business, friends, and family to experiences and enjoy nature.

Leaving the city of Mazatlan or Durango passing through diverse and beautiful landscapes, located right in the middle of the Durango – Mazatlan road and in the heart of the Sierra Madre Occidental (2700 m.s.n.m) is the entrance to the Park “The Pyramid”. Breakfast / refreshment will be made on the way to the Park and once we arrive at the park, we will pick up the equipment at the Monkey Lodge and make use of the bathrooms.

1 * WALK + ZIPLINE // On the beautiful hike, we will go through the valleys and the extraordinary landscapes of the Park to end in the monolith known as “The Pyramid”, where you will have the option of returning to the Central Valley flying over the trees in the longest zip line in the State of Durango.

2 * VIA FERRATA + RAPPEL + ZIPLINE // Once equipped, We begin the circuit with an entertaining walk of 800 meters to the base of the most famous monolith, an icon of the Park and by which it receives its name “The Pyramid”. The route consists of an ascent of 50 meters in vertical with more than 200 staples, bridges, and shelves that are part of the equipment of the Via Ferrata. The guides will give you instructions on how to make the progression of ascent and descent safe and smooth. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the crossing and make a summit at the top of “The Pyramid”.

To descend we will make an exciting rappel of 35 meters and then prepare to fly over the treetops in the longest zip line in the State of Durango. After the flight, we return to the Monkey Lodge to leave the equipment and taste a typical dish of the sierra mountains.

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