About 250 pilots will challenge the Ruta Durango Mazatlán 2021


They invite lovers of this extreme adventure to join in an experience from the mountains to the coast

What is the Durango Mazatlan ATV Route?

The Durango Mazatlán ATV Route is a journey in all-terrain vehicles (motocross and ATVs) from the city of Durango to Mazatlán, Sinaloa, crossing more than 450 kilometers of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

This year the 12th edition of this demanding route takes place.

The Durango-Mazatlán 2021 Route, in its twelfth edition is ready to take place from September 22 to 25, where it will bring together motorcycle club lovers from different areas of the country, where ten states will participate and some from the United States, announced María Pizarro. 

The member of the organizing committee of this event pointed out that the meeting that will last for a week, will have a participation of more than 250 people, lovers of this extreme sport that will cross the Sierra Madre Occidental, starting from the City of Durango de Victoria to have its final destination in the port, where it will extend one more day to enjoy the beaches.

“On Thursday, September 23, the tour begins at the Cathedral of Durango, there is a starting flag to start route one, we make a stop to eat in El Salto, Pueblo Nuevo, and the pilots arrive to rest at the natural park of Mexiquillo, where they spend a night in the mountains ”.

According to the organizers, each of the participants has an economic benefit of 25 thousand pesos, hence the sum of this meeting and the importance of being ready for the Durango-Mazatlán Route, which will be under all health protocols against COVID -19.

Regulations and Recommendations:

The organizers of the event strive annually to organize a great adventure through the Sierra de Durango with the intention that participants enjoy the experience to the fullest in the company of friends, children and other participants who like motorized cross-country activities. The organizers take extreme care in the design of the route to minimize the impact on the environment along the route and bring the benefits of tourism to the rural area.

Regulations of the Durango Mazatlán ATV Route

Letter from the Director of the Organizing Committee:

Dear partners:

Already 12 years after your participation in one of the most extreme and demanding routes of motorcycling in Mexico, which we truly appreciate, we are very pleased to invite you to the «12th. ATV ROUTE DURANGO MAZATLÁN 2021 ».

This year we continue to search for a demanding route that can satisfy everyone, with a variety of fun, technical and scenic routes.

It is a reality that this exciting sport has a very heavy load of risks, so we ask you to make a “well thought out” decision for your participation and that if affirmative we assure you it will be very intense and you will never forget.

We hope to see you on September 22 in Durango.

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