Mazatlan seek to curb the proliferation of stray animals

The Mobile Veterinary Unit has 2,500 sterilization surgeries in 15 months

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Going outside to follow their reproductive instincts, is the main cause of loss and spread of stray dogs and cats, so sterilization, in addition to preventing diseases, helps to slow their reproduction.

“Animals will stop developing diseases, females, for example, breast cancer and uterine problems associated with age, males will no longer mark the territory inside the house, there will no longer be the smell of urine, which is a problem very recurrent and will lower their aggressiveness, they will be calmer, among many other benefits, not just in the reproductive, “explains José Porfirio Becerra, in charge of the Veterinary Mobile Unit, of the Mazatlan Pro-Health Program.

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Above all, it will help to significantly reduce the risk that these animals, following their instinct for reproduction, leave their home and get lost and then become stray.

Through the permanent sterilization and vaccination campaign, José Porfirio estimates that as far as the present administration began, around 2,500 surgeries have been performed on dogs and cats; however, it highlights that there is still more, but everything is in the awareness that citizens take in this regard.

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In this colony (Of Low Economic Resources) we see that there are abundant dogs and cats, but we see that there is no awareness of the people, there are as much as abandoned dogs and cats and owner with pets who do not bring them in

José Porfirio Becerra

With 12 average daily surgeries a day, he says that it is difficult to determine how many animals are there per home, as there are people who are very participatory and in addition to bringing their dog or cat carries the neighbor’s, and thus prevents indiscriminate reproduction.

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Actually, we will not be able to make a dent or lower the incidence of dogs and cats in the street, if people do not participate with us.

José Porfirio Becerra

The service is totally and strictly free, in which people could save up to 1,500 pesos for sterilization.

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He comments that the surgeries are performed with the greatest possible care and that the loss of life in animals is one in a thousand.

In addition to sterilizing, they apply rabies vaccines, which it recommends to apply every year with reinforcement at twelve months, as well as flea and tick control that must be injected every six months or at most three times a year.

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2,500 surgeries on dogs and cats have been performed the Municipal Veterinary Mobile Unit.

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