Mazatlan expat shooter in prosecutors hands


Mazatlan Sinaloa.- The detention of a foreigner based in this city last Thursday, after he was reported to fire in the air, is a case that is not concluded because, in addition to that, he was found with illegal substances and cartridges, the secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura said.

He mentioned that there are about seven complaints against the expat resident of the Montuosa neighborhood, for causing acts of inconvenience to the neighbors, where he has not caught in the act, however, he said that it’s being reviewed if he had a permit for possession of a gun

“There is a constitutional article that establishes the scope that this person could have in Mexican territory; there was an arrest in recent days where he was found with some product apparently with the characteristics of controlled drugs or chemicals that does not contemplate the General Health Law, in addition to some cartridges. This person was made available to the Court of Barandilla, the case was turned over to the Prosecutor’s Office and there is enough evidence there to request a control hearing at the time, ”he explained.

The secretary of the City Council stressed that even if as an offender the detainee could have bailed out of jail, it does not mean the case is resolved.

“The evidence is being carried out, but the Prosecutor’s Office is directly responsible for both the common and the federal courts. It does not mean that if he has placed bail, he is already acquitted of a fact that the law indicates as a crime, but above all his immigration situation is what interests us, ”he explained.

Flores Segura added that on the instructions of Mayor Luis Benítez, surveillance and permanent police presence were available in the area where the events were recorded this week, in order to guarantee the safety and tranquility of the residents of the place.

Source: pmxportal

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