Garbage: a serious problem that must be addressed in Mazatlan


“The municipality of Mazatlan fails to comply with the offcial norm in the handling of garbage. It lacks a sanitary landing and the management of the waste is given in the open”, said the head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development (Sedesu), Carlos Gandarilla García.

This problem must be addressed by the municipalities of Mazatlan and El Fuerte as soon as possible, because every time it rains, water drags trash and leachate down the hillls, that could contaminate water bodies, which will aggravate the existing pollution problem.

“If this situation continues, there could be serious environmental and public health problems in this beach destination”, Gandarilla García said.

In Sinaloa, the only municipalities that have landfills attached to the standard are Los Mochis, Navolato and Culiacán. The latter presents problems because of the 3 thousand tons of garbage that is generated every day in Sinaloa, the third part comes from that city.

Gandarilla García stressed that in the case of Mazatlan, the incorrect handling of garbage is a decades-old problem, but there is interest of the municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to solve it.

The Mazatlan mayor explained that a company specialized in the management of garbage will be contracted with public finances if necessary.

The official stressed that on the issue of garbage, “we are all involved.” He added that at home. we all should start separating waste, and reducing the use of items that generate garbage.

Also, take out the waste on the corresponding days. Do not leave garbage bags lying in the street.

Some Mexican cities are already working with companies that collect and dispose of garbage and waste, this could generate less expenses and, above all, pollution is reduced.

The Mazatlan Post