Mazatlan has a serious garbage disposal problem


“If we don’t have a solution to the problem of garbage management, we are in a very bad situation as a municipality”, David Ocampo Peraza.

The municipal government must socialize the project and have the opinion and endorsement of the experts

Informative Reaction had a talk with the president of the Center for Agricultural and Environmental Education, David Ocampo Peraza, about the issue of the dump, in which it is said that there is already an agreement with a foreign company for its management.

“There is a committee to analyze what the comprehensive urban solid waste project could be, since it is one of the great concerns that many municipalities in Sinaloa have, not only in Mazatlan because garbage is really the big problem there is” commented Ocampo Peraza.

Environmental organizations have always been against private projects, which is why groups like the one he heads are in charge of presenting alternative ideas where the municipality or the competent municipal authority do not lose control of that responsibility.

“What we are trying to work on is to maintain the information from the legal legal point of view, since the Senate of the Republic made a determination of what can be the basis for this type of project that has been the bill of the development of the circular economy”, he expressed.

He also stressed that it is not necessary to leave the country to find a way to implement the works in the case of garbage, since there are many entities in Mexico that are doing the right things and helping to reduce pollution, these projects include people like scavengers, municipal servants and micro-enterprises that are responsible for recycling waste.

Finally, he commented that they are not closed to a private company being invited to this project, as long as it is one more participant and does not seek to take total control.

“We do not say no to private intervention in this field, but always as guests, not that they assume total control, that it be a comprehensive project managed with the municipal authority,” he concluded.


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