Sombrerería Cázares, a “hat” tradition in Mazatlán


Three generations have passed through this 90 year-old family run business in Mazatlan.

Today, year 2020, it is don Víctor Agustín Cázares, who’s in charge of the shop.

Don Víctor Agustín Cázares Tirado is the man in charge if this family business, that was started 90 years ago by his grandfather. (Photo: Rolando Salazar I / El Sol de Mazatlán)

Mazatlán.- Among old wooden shelves dating from the first half of the 20th century, a variety of hats, berets, caps and bonnets can be seen neatly displayed. The merchandise is showcased in this shop that has been open for the last 90 years.

On Calle Angel Flores street (previously known as Guelatao), in the Historic Center of the city, in 1930 a man named José María Cázares undertook the legacy of a traditional hat shop, and today, three generations later, they are still open for business.

At 15 years of age, Don Víctor Agustín Cázares Tirado helped his father in the family business that his grandfather José María Cázares had started, where he continues to kindly assist anyone who enters the premises in search of a hat.

“Back then, a hat was absolutely necessary for every man in Mazatlan”.

“At that time everyone wore a hat… the hat was indispensable for the man, it was very unusual to see a man with no hat on,” Don Victor Agustín said.


Variety of styles: texano, catrín, habana, english and school beret, norian sailor, corduroy and wool caps, cloth bowler, palm Sahuayo, visors, jipijapa and more, can be found in the Cázares hat shop, one of the few that still survives fashion standards.

“We are the only hat store that remains open in downtown Mazatlan”, Don Victor Agustin Cázares Tirado said.

Most of the hats come from León, Guanajuato, don Victor’s family has been trading for almost a century with suppliers in Central Mexico.

“People from all over the state of Sinaloa come to buy hats here at this store” Don Victor added.

Don Víctor comenzó a ayudarle a su padre en la sombrerería a los 15 años. Foto: Rolando Salazar I El Sol de Mazatlán

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Source: El Sol de Mazatlan