Rubí Red, a woman from Mazatlan who puts a punch in visual art


She is in her last year of her professional career at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, but her talent has led her to collaborate in different exhibitions, the last one at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo of Monterrey

Rubí has always liked to draw, at Christmas or when she could, she asked for paper, colors or materials that would help her for what she considered her hobby, when would she imagine that at 23 years old, she would dedicate her life to it? She even asks herself when she does a retrospective and smiles because she is about to graduate as a visual artist.

Her parents always supported her, her environment recognized her talent, but she never saw herself painting as a profession, she wanted to be a biologist, dedicate her life to the scientific origin of the world, the composition of the elements, wildlife, she was determined, but it was his time at a high school in the United States that convinced her to give that twist to his life.

“When I was in the United States, my teachers guided me, I stayed at a university there, unfortunately I couldn’t stay and that’s why I searched in Mexico, Guadalajara and Monterrey and decided on Monterrey, thanks to that, opportunities that I didn’t imagine have opened up for me. It is said that there is not so much openness for art, but the opposite has happened to me”, she declared.

Her first exhibition were at CBTIS 51, as a student; in the United States, during her time at High School, and obviously as a student of visual arts at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, where she has given herself the opportunity to explore her technique, but also to explore herself .

Where is Biology?

If you were wondering, where did biology go then? In his art, all his inspiration, in each painting, sshe brings biology, the origin of nature, animals, the elements, water, air, fire and earth, each of these things that she continues to like, they are there.

“Biology, nature, natural sciences, the elements, femininity, all these elements are connected, that restlessness has never left me, and it will never go away, they end up reflected in my pieces, they are connected with some experience and that is why I appear in the pieces together with elements of nature”, she said.

From her room to MARCO

Rubí gained popularity in Mazatlán because he painted his work in tennis, when she went to study, her goal was always to exhibit something at MARCO, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey, one of the most important places of artistic expression in the country.

Thanks to a former professor at the university, with whom she did her social service, she created a slogan piece where the painting technique is based on some concrete, she asked for it, they gave it to her and it is still there today, in Marcela’s exhibition Quiroga Garza and Gina Arizpe.