The ‘Oscar’ awards for Mazatlan restaurants are coming


The restaurateur of the year, Oscar Julián Tirado Villanueva, points out that the key to his career is listening to his staff and working hand in hand for good service.

MAZATLÁN.- The best of the best in the restaurant industry in Mazatlan will be awarded in a gastronomic exhibition organized by the National Chamber of the Mazatlan Seasoned Food Industry.  

Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez mentioned that there will be 6 recognitions in the sector, ranging from Chef of the Year to a restaurant of Mexican Concepts, as well as a gastronomic sample for the entire public in the Ciudades Hermanas park.  

“It is the biggest festival in Canirac, it is our maximum fair, we want to put the Chamber of Canirac back on top, we have not done a fair of this size for several years and we are very happy to do it again”, he declared. .  


Modern Restaurant 


Nao Kitchen 

Cerritos Gastrobar 


La Ostionería 

Pizzería La G del Gato 

Most Tradition Restaurant 

Parador Español 

Hertor’s Bistro  

Villa Italia  


Muchacho Alegre 

Mr. Lionso  

Mexican Concepts 

Aureliano de La Noria 

La Martina  

El Habal  

El Mesón de los Laureanos  

La Granja  

In addition, the president of Canirac announced that the restaurateur of the year, Óscar Julián Tirado Villanueva, will be recognized for his approximately 25 years of experience in restaurants such as La Puntilla; The Chef, Guillermo del Toro, will be recognized for being the one with the longest career; and to Rafael Rivera López as a posthumous tribute.  

These recognitions will be on May 27, but the gastronomic exhibition for the public will be on the 28th and 29th of this month, where they will be able to taste, from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the best food offered in Mazatlan to the local and the tourist.  

For his part, the Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, pointed out that it is well known that Canirac Mazatlán at the national level has been recognized for trying to push and elevate the port in terms of tourism through flavor.  

“Gastronomy is one of our biggest promotional banners and Mazatlan gastronomy is booming, not just at the regional level, but at the national level, I am glad to see the growth, there are challenges and there are areas of opportunity, but one of the The sectors that managed to activate themselves in this situation were the restaurateurs,” he said.  

How are the winners chosen? 

Becerra Rodríguez explained that each award is chosen among the members of Canirac, in such a way that they are the ones who recognize their competition and thus generate a healthy coexistence and union for the same sector.  

Óscar Julián Tirado Villanueva and the key to remaining in force in the industry 

The restaurateur, Óscar Julián Tirado Villanueva, will be the restaurateur of the year, for approximately 25 years of experience and leadership in establishments such as La Puntilla, where he expressed that the key to success to remain in force is free communication with his collaborators.  

Por la mañana un rico buffet a la vista del mar - Picture of Mariscos La  Puntilla, Mazatlan - Tripadvisor

“Some of the keys is to resist a lot, this is a medium and long-term industry and I think that not getting disappointed in difficult times and fostering teamwork with your collaborators, for me is the main key, you always have to talk to them about close, head-on and try to get out of the potholes together,” he declared.  

In addition to La Puntilla, it has three business units, in Zona Dorada, La Marina, and the one that everyone already knows, it also has catamarans for tours of the bay or to Isla de la Piedra.

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