They discover a new species of scorpion in Mexico, lives in Sinaloa


Researchers based in the state of Michoacán, discovered a new species of scorpion in Mexico, which is native to the north of the country, particularly the state of Sinaloa.

Wilfrido Linarez Guillen was one of the biologists and researchers who participated in this finding, he says he is very satisfied with the achievement obtained.

The new species is called Centruroides balzoi. Now, once the species has been identified, the next step according to Linarez will be to investigate aspects such as the lethality of the venom and other issues that need to be explored to update this discovery 100 percent.

The process that must be followed is the analysis of the venom, its components, what is the average lethal dose, ecological part, litter sizes, the proportions of males and females, etc. “concluded the researcher.

Source: Excelsior