Did you know that you can see whales off the coast of Mazatlan?


The sighting season goes from December 8, 2019 until March 31 2020!

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (Reacción Informativa).- During the winter, the coast of the Mexican Pacific turns out to be an ideal habitat for the reproduction of humpback whales and that is why it is possible to observe some specimens on the coasts of Mazatlan, during this period.

According to Saúl Herrera, a collaborator with Onca Exploraciones, the humpback whale watching season began on December 8 and will end until March 31 of this year, before these gentle giants return to the Bering Sea for the summer.

Onca Exploraciones is dedicated to the study of this species and provides tours for its sighting, makes trips almost daily to offer a unique experience along about 4 miles off the Mazatlan shore.

The expert explained that this species is not aggressive to humans or boats, as there is no incident report of this nature.

This thanks to the guidelines of Standard NOM 131 that ensures the good practices of tour operators to protect the integrity of tourists and of the animals too.

“During these trips, it is possible to see the whales behave in different ways: either through fights between the males that seek to mate with the few females in heat that inhabit the area, some females in the company of their young and others that are playful and keep jumping and kicking its pectoral flutters, which is an incomparable spectacle,” he explained.

“The humpback whale is one of the most acrobatic species in the marine world because it has “aerial” behaviors,” he continued.

In addition to this visual show, these mammals usually perform “songs” to communicate or try some kind of courtship. And that is why Onca also has a hydrophone, a device that allows you to listen to these sound vibrations below the water with a range up to 5 miles around, which provides a much more complete experience.

He also made it clear that not all excursions are the same, because from one day to another the behavior of cetaceans can vary, so going on this expedition is a different adventure everytime.

Sea lions were also spotted during the tour.

If you’re planning to go Whale Watching, Mr. Herrera also recommends to bring a camera, cap or hat and sunblock, to have a more pleasant time.

Source: Reacción Informativa

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