Governor Quirino Ordaz visits Valencia Aquarium


Valencia, Spain.- Accompanied by his wife Rosy Fuentes, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel visited this Spanish province, to get to know the Oceanographic Aquarium of Valencia, which will support the new Mazatlan Aquarium with research that is currently under construction, Aquarium that will become the largest in Latin America.

The governor of Sinaloa and his entourage were received by the regional secretary for the European Union and External Relations of Valencia, Joan Calabuig, with whom he signed an agreement to begin preparations to twin the Mexican state of Sinaloa with the Spanish province of Valencia.

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The purpose of this agreement is to open the possibility of developing academic stays of Sinaloa students in this province, to take advantage of the experience that Valencians have in aquaculture, agriculture and tourism.

“We also came to visit the Valencia Aquarium, with which the new Aquarium that is being built in Mazatlan, will have an agreement in terms of research, education, protection and care for the environment, that is something that will be prioritized in the new aquarium that we will have in Mazatlan”, said governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

Joan Calabuig said that Valencia and Sinaloa have many things in common in areas like Mazatlan, such as sun, beach tourism, an activity that began to be massively detonated in the 1960’s with the construction of the Mediterranean Highway, which allows access by land from all over Europe, via Catalonia.

It should be noted that in this cooperation agreement between the aquariums of Mazatlan and Valencia, the Ocean Wise Aquarium, from Vancouver, Canada will also participate, in research and conservation of aquatic and marine ecosystems, nature and animal life of its environment

The objective of this project is to turn the new Mazatlan Aquarium into the recognized authority on issues of conservation, education, research and education of aquatic and marine ecosystems, nature and all animal life of the Mexican seas and oceans and environments.

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