Mazatlan will implement checkpoint and breathalyzer during New Year eve celebration


To avoid an accident due to these types of causes

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The breathalyzer operation will be implemented during the end of the year night to avoid accidents, announced the Municipal Transit Commander, Francisco Guerra González.

He also said that citizens who request it can be transferred to their destination by elements of the SSPyTM, without risking their lives.

“If the person requests the support before being detected, of course, with pleasure, the Transit personnel can transfer them to their homes in their vehicles, the elements have these indications, but it is not worth it since they are detected or stopped for any speeding violation or jumping a traffic light there is no longer worth asking for support, ”said Guerra González.

One of the breathalyzers will be located on the busy avenue that connects with the Shrimp Sabalo and Del Mar Avenue, while the rest of the units will be distributed randomly.

Francisco Guerra González called not to avoid the breathalyzers or warn through social networks, to avoid accidents.

Source: reaccion informativo

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