New year begins with rainfalls in Mazatlan


“Light rain and drizzle is expected from this afternoon-night in some parts of the state of Sinloa, as a result of the entry of the cold front 27 and the maximum wind currents”, said the head of the Caades Agrometeorological Service, Manuel de Jesús Ortiz Acosta

He stated that the cold front entered the country through Baja California and moved over Baja California Sur, Sonora and northern Sinaloa, but it also brought cloudiness to the Pacific dragged by the maximum wind current that will cause heavy rainfall, especially between Escuinapa and Rosario (not far from Mazatlan).

For Thursday Jan. 2nd, partly cloudy to sunny skies are expected, with possibilities of drizzles and light rains in the early hours of the morning in most of the State, with a noticeable drop in minimum temperatures that can reach 5 degrees Celsius (40° F), in the northof the state.