Passenger demand is up at the Mazatlan Bus Terminal


* 50 and 25 percent discounts apply to students and teachers
* Recommend buying tickets in advance

As of today, the demand for a ticket at the Central Bus Station begins to increase, so they call for their tickets to be bought in advance.
Álvaro Peña Torres, general manager of the Mazatlan Bus Terminal, informed that the discounts are already being applied since last week.
“The discounts that are being applied for students and adults are 50 percent and 25 percent for teachers,” he explained.

It is necessary, he clarified, that those interested must present official and current credentials, otherwise they will not be applied.
The departure destinations that are most in-demand, Piña Torres mentioned Culiacán, Durango, Monterrey, Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez, and Mexico City, the passage that is arriving comes from the same cities mentioned.

Regarding the application of extra runs, the manager of the Truck Terminal, mentioned that a good number of departures have been contemplated this weekend.

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The Mazatlan Post