Mexico is the sixth most attractive country for renewable energy and the largest photovoltaic market in Latin America


By 2032 the country expects investments of 4 billion dollars per year, which will generate more than 200 thousand jobs, says director of Solar Power.

A forecast of the renewable energy sector in Mexico indicates that by 2032 the country expects investments of 4 billion dollars per year and more than 200 thousand jobs, said the director of Communication of the Mexican solar panel firm Solar Power, David Montaudon.

During a visit to the photovoltaic industry in San Luis Potosí, organized by Hannover Messe, the company said that Mexico is the sixth most attractive country for renewable energy and the largest photovoltaic market in Latin America.

The director of Solar Power México explained that there are 112 thousand users of photovoltaic systems and 99 percent of the distributed generation contracts are a product of this industry.

For his part, the president of the Mexican Association of the Photovoltaic Industry, Carlos Ortiz, said that to reach the level of investment projected by Solar Power it is necessary to develop a greater transmission network to free the nodes, this for large projects, while that in distributed generation, where there is greater potential, human resources are needed.

“To install a megawatt in distributed generation, you need 35 specialized direct jobs a year, if you want to install a thousand a year you need approximately 35 thousand people that today there are none. Although next year we would like to grow to a thousand megawatts more on ceilings, we don’t have trained personnel, ”he said.

According to the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), in Mexico, there are 112 thousand user contracts that are generating electricity through solar panels on their roofs, with a total installed capacity of 818 megawatts and more than 1.3 billion dollars.

“Depending on how the congested transmission network is, the nodes for solar energy will be opened, and if there is wind, it will be used because it has more effective hours of generation, it is a difficult matrix to calculate,” Ortiz said on how It will be the mix of technologies by 2032.

“The modernization of the Federal Electricity Commission network represents the biggest challenge for the industry; without networks, you can’t put more ceilings or you can’t boost the arrival of electric cars anymore, ”said the president of the association.

“The legal framework is solid and the market will mature, what cannot be forgotten is that electricity demand grows every year 4 percent, that will double the installed capacity in 15 years; 70 thousand megabytes in 15 years at a million dollars a mega, are 70 billion dollars that are required in any technology ”.

IEnova sells electricity

The company Infraestructura Energética Nova signed, through one of its subsidiaries, a long-term electricity supply contract with several subsidiaries of Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua.

The energy will be generated at the 150 Megawatt Border Solar plant, located in the municipality of Juárez, in Chihuahua, which was previously announced this year and will be operational in the second half of 2020. The project will also supply power to Comercializadora Círculo, El Port of Liverpool and Universal Containers. 

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