Some important do’s and don’ts for your Mazatlán trip


A travel destination that is rapidly rising on the radars of travellers world-over, Mazatlan offers plenty of sun and beach, along with architectural richness comparable with the neoclassical and French baroque.

Mexico has many top places to visit for any traveller, however, Mazaltan is the kind that’s slightly underrated and is rapidly finding its place in the itineraries of travellers everywhere. Here in this short article, we will acquaint you with some important dos and don’ts that all first time and repeat travellers to Mazatlan should keep in mind.

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Do Smile

Mazatlan residents are one of the friendliest people you will find in the world and are known for staying cheerful regardless of their situations. This also shows in their salutations, as they return every greeting with cheerfulness and smile on their face. Make eye contact with any of them and we promise that you will definitely receive a happy greeting in return.

Don’t act impatiently or rudely

Although it is important to avoid acting impatiently or rudely in any part of the world, you should particularly avoid it and Mazatlan. After all, no one responds well to rudeness. Mazatlan is a slow paced city where you will see everyone taking their own time. Therefore, if you ask for a check in a restaurant and don’t get it even after 15 minutes, don’t talk impatiently or rudely with the staff.

Do remember to capture the sunset

Don’t forget to take a walk along the Malecon during the sunset hours and spend some time on an ocean-facing bench. Even locals who witness this sight repeatedly, don’t get tired of it and make it a point to indulge in it time and again. You will get to see some of the most majestic sunsets of your life in Mazatlan, not visible anywhere else in the world. So make sure that you capture them both with your eyes and a good camera. Here are some more top things to do in Mazatlan.

Don’t be a miser at tipping

The waiting staff and Mazatlan restaurants are counted amongst the hardest working people in Mexico. Even if your intention is to specifically tip the waiter who served you, it almost always gets split by the entire staff, ranging from cleaning people to cooks. Hence, never undertip them and always ensure that you carry some spare cash at all times.

Do support the local businessmen

Although it might seem very convenient and tempting to visit the malls or purchase souvenirs from the high street tourist shops, it’s the boutique shops located in the Historic Centre which will provide you the maximum value for your money and the best service.

Don’t just stay parked at the beach

Majority of the travellers have a tendency of enjoying only the sun and the beach when visiting a beach town like Mazatlan. You shouldn’t restrict your trip to only getting a tan, which won’t even last longer than 7 to 10 days. Make it a point that you explore the Mazatlan city and enjoy various activities ranging from touring the Pacifico Brewery to Mezcal tasting.

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