How much does gasoline cost in Mexico today December 11


The national average price for gasoline: Magna, Premium and Diesel, consult it here

This Wednesday, December 11, 2019, the average price of gasoline in Mexico is 19.49 pesos for Magna; Premium 20.79 and Diesel 21.18 pesos.

This is the average price of fuels in some areas of Mexico:

Average gas price in SINALOA today

Magna 19.84

Premium 21.75

Diesel 21.8

Average price of gasoline in MEXICO CITY – CDMX today

Magna 20.4

Premium 21.56

Diesel 21.28

Average price of gasoline in COAHUILA today

Magna 19.16

Premium 20.58

Diesel 21.12

Average price of gasoline in BAJA CALIFORNIA NORTH today

Magna 18.2

Premium 20.17

Diesel 20.18

Average price of gasoline in TABASCO today

Magna 18.52

Premium 19.69

Diesel 20.12

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