Alcohol consumption grows in Mexico; is your state one of them?


The adult population who drank alcohol went from 53.9% in 2012, to 63.8% during 2018, reveals the National Survey of Health and Nutrition

Alcohol consumption by Mexicans is on the rise, especially among men.

According to the results of the National Survey of Health and Nutrition (Ensanut) 2018, presented this Monday, the population of 20 years or more who have drunk alcoholic beverages increased from 53.9% in 2012, to 63.8% last year.

Among men , the proportion rose from 67.8% in 2012 to 80.6% last year, while in women it rose from 41.3% to 49.9%.

In terms of frequency of consumption during 2018, it stands out that 5.7% of men and 1.0% of women consume daily. While 30.2% of men and 9.5% of women reported weekly consumption.

The Ensanut 2012 indicates that daily consumption was 1.6% of men and 0.4% of women. On a weekly basis, 12.4% of men and 1.6% of women.

The states with the highest consumption

The survey conducted by the Inegi, the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Public Health also reveals data by entities, specifically among the population of 20 years or more that it takes daily or weekly.

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In 2019, Chihuahua tops this list, with 27% of its population, followed by Zacatecas, with 25.7%, Coahuila and Yucatán, both with 25.6%. In fifth place is Colima, with a percentage of 23.5%.

In Jalisco, it is 20.2%, above the national average of 16.4 percent.

At the bottom of this list are Chiapas, with 10.85; Puebla, with 10.6%, and the State of Mexicowith 9.2 percent.

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