FGR detain ‘El Mayo’, head of Plaza de La Línea, for LeBarón massacre


Derived from the case, there are 4 suspects involved who are detained, three of them on Saturday and one more in November.

Mario ‘H’, ‘El Mayo’, chief of the La Line criminal organization in Janos, Chihuahua, and allegedly involved in the massacre of the LeBarón family, was arrested in accordance with authorities of the security cabinet.

The  Attorney General’s Office (FGR)  revealed the arrest of more involved in the killing of three women and six children, members of the LeBarón and Langford families, on November 4 in Bavispe, Sonora.

Security cabinet officials said there are three detainees, including ‘El Mayo’.

The FGR recalled that these arrests are added to what happened last month when the Mexican Army, in the company of the Federal Ministerial Police, captured a presumed implicated in the events.

In a statement, he said that a Control judge granted the roots of said individual and derived from it, and other investigative actions, fundamental information was obtained.

“In the early hours of this day (Sunday, December 1) in a joint effort and complying with search warrants, several individuals were arrested, allegedly involved in the events indicated,” he insisted.

He explained that since last November 8, the FGR obtained from the Prosecutor’s Office of Sonora, a breakdown of the homicide investigations that, by the ministry of law, are originally from the common law.

He added that on November 26, in order to concentrate all investigations and complete the proceedings that have not been carried out in the common jurisdiction, the FGR attracted the competence of the Sonora authorities regarding the crime of homicide.

Finally, he explained that FBI members, in the company of officials and agents of the FGR, have participated in the inquiries, but the work of the US agency will be considered in the ministerial actions carried out by the FGR itself.

Source: notimex

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