The woman of a thousand costumes in Mazatlan


With her sewing workshop, Doña Olga Gutiérrez has been making costumes and costumes alluding to any type of holiday for more than three decades

Mazatlan – At the age of six, his family left the town of La Noria to move to the port of Mazatlan, in search of better opportunities in the commerce sector.

In order to get to his new home, Olga Gutierrez had to cross an alley that connects the streets Aquiles Serdán and Teniente Azueta, in the Centro neighborhood. It was in that part of “Puerto Viejo” where the girl grew up in the middle of the traffic of trucks and cars, which we’re heading to what was then the commercial area of ​​the municipality.

Growing up in the middle of merchants meant that when she turned 18 she looked for her first job opportunities, all related to the sale of products. So in that place, he put a position in which he began with the preparation of campechanas, ceviches toasts, aguachiles and other typical dishes.

Remember that while she was selling seafood, she watched her mother cut and sew fabrics that she prepared to make some kind of clothes because she was a seamstress.

Between the revival of glances, Olga began to like what her mother was doing, so she began to imitate her, without even knowing how to operate a cooking machine.

It was then that he left the seafood for sewing, to start the business that maintains it today, where he makes costumes and costumes alluding to any holiday.

“When I started I still didn’t wear this costume, and I remember it as if it were now since I started making costumes of bunnies, burritos, animals and it was spring.”

The seamstress at that time already had a small place, which is close to his home and where he has made thousands of creations for those who like to dress up.

Her clothes had a very good acceptance from the people who know her, who did not hesitate to order her clothes for the celebration of September 15 and November 20.

He acknowledges that the making of costumes was done little by little because in just one week he was able to make an average of 10, which he raised over the years.

For the realization of each costume, he says, the sewing machine is an essential part, since without it he could not make the dozens of garments he makes in a single day.

The merchant evokes her first sewing equipment, which was very simple and had a pedal, which constantly had to be in motion to sew.

To date, he said, he has used at least 14 sewing machines of different brands and models, which he has acquired with own resources of the same costume making.

It currently has a semi-industrial machine, which is a professional device, which makes it easier to sew more quickly, to have the job on time.

After approaching the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, he says that in one day he has made 150 skirts, an amount he considers as a record of the work he loves so much.

In the making of the garments, he says, two people help him, including one of his daughters, who are responsible for making cuts, as well as putting elastic or threading.


Doña Olga, recognizes, the work she does not earn much, because, although she invests too much, both in time and material, the profits are not abundant.

“I am not rich because I do not give very expensive and because … well, I do not earn much, but I survive with the purchases made by people who know the work I have been doing for more than 30 years.”

In his position, he mentions, people can find clothing with prices ranging from 120 to 300 pesos, an amount he considers accessible.

The seamstress has work 365 days a year in the making of costumes

However, he says, there are few occasions when he has had to raise the price at the time a person asks him to make a custom suit.

At 74 years old, Olga Gutiérrez Gutiérrez does not doubt that at a certain time the costume business has to be occupied by one of her daughters, who support her in the preparation and sale.

While that moment arrives, the experienced seamstress continues with her work, since she has to have ready the clothes that will be used for the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe.


14 baking machines have been used in thirty years of seamstress.


Throughout the year, there are nine holidays that demand many orders.

– Carnival

– Spring

– Mother’s day

– End of school courses

– September 15

– Halloween

– November 20

– December 12th

– Pastorelas

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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