Rocky Point visitors truck got swept right into the ocean and is stripped overnight


Puerto Peñasco, MEXICO — It was a rough day in Rocky Point for one visitor whose truck got swept right into the ocean.

This happened in the Las Conchas community of Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) just a few hours’ drive south from Phoenix.

Folks in the area believe the driver was a young man from Arizona visiting the resort town. The truck still had dealer plates, so it appeared to be almost brand new.

The truck was submerged almost up to its roof

We’re told the driver was tooling along the beach when his truck got stuck in the sand. That’s when the tide rolled in, and he couldn’t get the vehicle out of the water. A photo showed the truck submerged almost up to its roof in water.

When the tide receded, it was not good news. The truck had been stripped. The doors were missing, the hood was gone, and the engine had been dismantled.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Unfortunately, the driver admitted to bystanders that he had not purchased Mexican insurance. We just hope he has another ride back over the border.


The Mazatlan Post