Mazatlan records 30 colonies affected by heavy rains


Municipality staff continues with street cleaning in the Jacarandas fractionation

Mazatlan.- The heavy rains caused by the second winter storm and the cold front number 19, left Thursday 30 colonies affected in the municipality, said José de Jesús Flores Segura, Secretary of the City Council.

He mentioned that they were atypical rains and forced the eviction of some families in the city, and took them to the temporary shelter of the Lions Club and the Eternal Heart assistance house, while in the rural area there were landslides on hills.
He stressed that there were no human losses to regret.

The official explained that today they continue working on the removal of damages and support in the cleaning of streets and homes of the Jacarandas Colonia, after yesterday little could be done, since the rain never stopped and hindered the work of the personnel of the Townhall.

He called on citizens to prioritize physical integrity and in this situation not leave their homes if it is not for reasons of force majeure, because yesterday the main reports of relief were for vehicles that were stranded in areas where water rose significantly .

He thanked the support of the elements of the Ministry of Public Security, which in patrols provided the service to the citizens to move to their work centers or homes.

«Make a recognition of the heroes without a cape, who are the workers of Cleanliness and Cleanliness, to all the employees who never see each other, but without them this could not have come out. It is noted that the Mazatlecos are supportive, thanks to the support of rehabilitation centers that were ready; until today they are working ».

Flores Segura said that both the DIF System and the Directorate of Welfare and Social Development carry out censuses of victims to provide the help they require.

Source: pmxportal

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