Is Agatha the trendiest restaurant in Mazatlan?


I stumbled across Agatha Kitchen Bar on my very first day in Mazatlán. I was walking down Ave Playa Gaviotas and it couldn’t help but catch my eye. Here was this sleek and modern restaurant that looked more like something you’d find in Vancouver instead of a coastal city in Mexico.

Now, it could have been very easy of me to assume Agatha was just another fancy place. We’ve all seen our fair share, you know the kind – lots of great décor, but little to offer on the menu or in terms of personality. But let me tell you, after experiencing Agatha first hand I can tell you it’s FULL of heart and soul.

Eat at Agatha kitchen bar in Mazatlan, Mexico

No matter if you are a tourist visiting Mazatlán for a week, or if you’re an expat who is retiring in the city, Agatha is a restaurant you need to experience for yourself.

I met Agatha’s corporate chef, a talented guy named Miguel Angel Alvarez, who prepared a multi-course meal for us to sample.

He has been cooking for 16 years and is passionate about every meal he prepares. I’m always curious about what drives a person to be a chef, so I asked him what he loves most about it.

Miguel Angel Alvarez

“I love to host people, not only cook for them. People nowadays don’t take enough time to enjoy themselves, so it’s a lot of fun to take care of people and watch them have a whole new experience while dining.”

The Vibe at Agatha

One of the first things I noticed about Agatha was the other people dining. It was a complete mixed bag. There were a few business men with suits on at the bar, a table of tourists with their young kids, a booth with a local family celebrating a birthday, and a group of women having a girls night out. There were people in jeans and sandals and some with platforms and sequin dresses. The crowd was as diverse as you could imagine, and not something I expected to see.