Possible neurotoxin in oysters authorities suspend fishing and consumption in Altata, Sinaloa


Coepriss warned this morning about the precautionary measure of fishing suspension and consumption of oysters, ax callus, mule leg and snail in Altata, Navolato

Sinaloa .- The State Health Secretariat, through the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa (COEPRISS), established the temporary precautionary closure for the extraction, commercialization, and consumption of bivalve mollusks from the Altata Bay, Ensenada Pabellones from the municipality of Navolato.

The head of COEPRISS, Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales, explained that this temporary and preventive measure is due to the fact that the last oyster sampling carried out in the cultivation area of ​​this area was positive to the rapid presumptive test (SCOTIA PSP) of Saxitoxina (Toxina Paralyzing of Mollusks).

He warned that according to the protocols established by COFEPRIS, the extract of the said sample was sent by the staff of the State Laboratory of Public Health of Sonora to the laboratory of the Commission for Analytical Control and Expansion of Coverage (CCAyAC) for quantification. “We are waiting for that result and for this reason, for the moment we are not talking about closure but of temporary precautionary closure ,” said Urbina Vidales.

He pointed out that the analysis was carried out by the State Laboratory of Public Health of Sonora, and the temporary closure was immediately carried out following the procedures, guidelines, and protocols of the State Committee of Bivalve Molluscs, as provided in the Work Instructions of the Molluscs Project Bivalves and Red Tide of COFEPRIS, and in what is established in NOM-242-SSA1-2009.

The COEPRISS established from this day the temporary closure precautionary for the extraction, sale and/or consumption of bivalve mollusks of the Altata Bay, Ensenada pavilions the town of Navolato in order to prevent and safeguard the health of the population.

” We make a general request, both to established restaurants and to retailers and private marketers of ostión, ax callus, mule leg and snail, as well as residents and visitors of these places to avoid the consumption of these products, ” he said.

The commissioner said that the corresponding requests have been made to the competent authorities and the situation to help in this matter has been made known to the interested parties. ” If someone comes to present a clinical picture attributed to the consumption of these marine products, they should go immediately to the nearest medical unit and not self-medicate, ” he said.

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