Authorities lift the sanitary ban on bivalve mollusks in Mazatlan and Altata


MAZATLAN.- What do you think? You can now eat clams and oysters because the red tide ban has been lifted, as reported by the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, COEPRISS.

This, after the last analysis of the waters of the Bay of Mazatlan, established the lifting of the sanitary ban on the extraction, sale and consumption of bivalve molluscs in the port.

The head of Coepriss, Luis Alonso García Corrales, said that it was determined to establish said ban on March 25, as the presence of red tide on said coast represented a risk, thus lasting at least 3 weeks without being sold, much less consumed.

“This phenomenon that causes saxitoxin levels to rise in bivalve molluscs, that is, in oysters, clams, scallops, etc., and during the third and last sampling carried out and sent to Cofepris, the parameters indicate that These levels dropped considerably until they no longer represent a health hazard,” he declared.

García Corrales pointed out that in these cases, three consecutive samples were carried out, which were sent to the Commission for Analytical Control and Extension of Coverage at the federal level and according to the last result, this agency reported that the toxicity levels were found within the maximum permissible limits, according to the Official Mexican Standard 242-SSA1-2009.

So, starting today, bivalve molluscs can already be extracted, sold and consumed.

On the other hand, García Corrales recalled that on April 7, in the Bay of Altata, Navolato, toxic phytoplankton was found, mainly in oysters, for which a precautionary temporary closure was immediately decreed for said product.

However, at the conclusion of the third sampling procedure, it was determined that the level of toxins did not represent a health risk, for which reason the extraction, sale and consumption of bivalve molluscs were also authorized.

“Here, at the time, we found toxic phytoplankton, but, fortunately, after the quantification result, and the analysis of some pieces (of oysters), we determined that there is no longer a risk to the health of Sinaloans; there was not even a need to decree a sanitary ban there”, concluded the head of this body of the Ministry of Health.

With salt, lemon and chili! They lift sanitary ban to consume shellfish

In Mazatlan, it is part of the tourist attraction to see the sellers of fresh oysters walking the beaches, how to identify them? Easy, they bring large trays and on top of these plates with half dozens or dozens, accompanied by lemon and sauces from bottles.

Prices vary but can reach up to 150.00 pesos per dozen, even if the season is good, they are sold for less than 120 pesos per dozen.


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