Mexico has given asylum to those fleeing from dictatorship, now AMLO intends to receive the dictator in person


The PAN coordinator in the Chamber of Deputies, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, questioned the decision of the Mexican government to grant political asylum to the former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales.

“Traditionally, # Mexico has given asylum in our territory to those fleeing from the dictatorship. Now it is not intended to give asylum to those fleeing from tyranny, but rather it is intended to protect the dictator in person!” He wrote via Twitter.

From the Chamber of Deputies, Romero Hicks said that “our opinion is that we want the democratic path to be found to solve the problems of peace, security, and justice facing the Republic of Bolivia,” he said.

However, “we must remember several incidents. First, President Evo Morales did not accept a popular consultation – in which he lost – to prolong his term. Second, he litigated him in what can be considered a court by way.

“Third: it is accredited by the OAS and by citizen organizations of Bolivia that there was electoral fraud in the first round, with 83 percent of the calculation the system was stopped and almost 24 hours later corrected numbers appeared,” he said.

In addition, Romero Hicks said that Evo refused to accept a second round at first, “and we live it in Bolivia from a distance, it is a citizen mobilization of millions of people, who beyond parties and ideology, were dissatisfied with a President Yes, the first time he won with great legitimacy, but in the opinion of many Bolivians, he was not Head of State or Head of Government, divided, pointed and accused people who disagreed with him. “

Thus, when questioning what characterizes the investiture of a Head of State to a Head of Government, Romero said that “he admits different opinions, summons conciliates and that he has the best political office and there are indications that the actions of the Electoral Tribunal was subject to pressure and corruption. “

“Then, let the Bolivians tell us what is the way forward and our opinion is that they do it for the democratic course, because today without a doubt, it is a divided society with diverse opinions,” Romero Hicks said.

“I also say it in the best sense of the expression, understanding that Foreign Policy is a matter of State. In the opinion of the speaker, our President and the Foreign Ministry came forward to congratulate him on the electoral triumph, when this had not caused the State, until recently, the Court – with many questions – determined that the first round was legally valid, ”he recalled .

In parallel, the national secretary of the PRD, Ángel Ávila, said that the decision of the Government of Mexico to provide political asylum to Evo Morales is correct.

“Our international tradition of granting political asylum to different political figures, social leaders and persecuted today materializes in the case of former President Evo Morales. It is a wise decision of the Government of Mexico,” he wrote through his Twitter account.

Minutes earlier, Ávilo said that just as Evo Morales should not alter the election results, the military should not “suggest” his resignation.

“It is correct that the Government of Mexico grant asylum to the former president and that the OAS call elections.”

Source: el financiero

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